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Introduction :
Eveyday we are dismantaling lots of car in our parts yard . we will arrange any kind of parts according to your need . For any kind of parts ( engine , gear box ,light , door , Ecu etc ) please contact us . We promise to give you cheapest price .
We have special service for those who want to make his own conainter . We will provide undermention serveices :
1. Accomodation service just near our yard . First 10 days accomodation is free . (After 10 days everyday 30 dollar per day )
2. You can buy cars from auction or we can offer you our local collection and suppliers.
3. our labor will help you to dismantale car ( half cut, nose cut etc) and make your own contianer ( 20 feet or 40 feet ) For more details please mail us . we are here to fulfil your any kind of demand